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  1. Dantes

    Little 's Admin Abuse report

    If you think that any administrator abuses his powers, bring evidence, but do not make me useless threads please. Trashed
  2. Dantes

    Application for Admin

    You need to meet the requirements to be an administrator and this application is not correct, when you meet all the requirements, reapply in the correct way. Trashed.
  3. Dantes

    GC#CoronaVirus Admin Application

    You need to meet these requirements in order to apply or your application will be denied. When you comply, apply on the link left by Xtrem and do so in English. Trashed
  4. Dantes

    Counter Strike 1.6 Zombie Plauge Mod (GamerClub.NeT)

  5. Dantes

    unban me please

  6. Dantes

    risker 's cheater report

    ¿Steam ID?
  7. Dantes

    SN | Nessie 's ammo packs form

    Ammopacks given.
  8. Dantes

    ✪ TheRedX ✪ 's ammo packs form

    Ammopacks given.
  9. Dantes

    hack ?

    Trashed Remember to do all post in English.
  10. Dantes

    bNk. 's Admin Abuse report

    Please comply with the server rules to avoid problems and prohibitions. I was watching for a while on the server and what you do is go around the map and you don't attack. Closed
  11. Dantes

    bNk. 's Admin Abuse report

    I was watching and for several moments you remain without attacking and what you do is go around the map, follow the rules. I was on the server watching you. Closed
  12. Dantes

    bNk. 's Admin Abuse report

    This is garbage, there is nothing here
  13. Dantes

    dancingf0x 's cheater report

    These images don't even show if it's dirty or not Trashed
  14. Dantes

    Admin Application

    Denied, evader. Ban.
  15. Dantes

    Auto Bhop Hacker

    This is crap. Trashed.
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