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  1. Im talking about here in GamerClub community not the other communities ?
  2. You can't be a DR unless u pass through admin rank.
  3. Kay-

    Helpful guide

    thank u for being helpful.
  4. i think the final decision will be taken in your unban request by the high staffs instead of spamming boards.
  5. Make an unban request , here u report an admin if he abuses or something , so u'r in the wrong board. Go make unban request.
  6. Kay-


    Yes, you're right most of admins are inactive and they should be active so we get rid of hackers and rule breakers and keep server clean so players enjoy their game.
  7. thats not the correct admin app form , hope u edit this following the correct form of an admin app . GoodLuck
  8. No as what Alberto said , i'm an old jb player and i see that teamkilling is not a big deal and players should be careful at all times (different situations) so they preserve the Jb mod concept.Otherwise,we will not enjoy it because everyone want to play jailbreak the way he feel comfortable, so like that it doesn't work and hope you don't take it personal (talking in general) PS: As an admin, i would suggest from JB team to schedule a meeting to discuss everything concerning JB .
  9. Kay-

    This is Weird Bug

    wanted to say config i said cstrike , my bad
  10. Kay-

    This is Weird Bug

    Try to remove your cstrike folder and join again ?
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