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  1. Updated. Added @ Anonymous as a Trial Admin.
  2. All Prefixs are removed. so if you want a prefix just reply here using old's form
  3. Removed @calamity and @flash due inactivity on server and forums.
  4. We added a new VIP system into the Server As a VIP you get: 1.VIP Prefix. 2.Green Chat. 3.Admin Chat Access. 4.VIP Menu: Beach Skin(150 Health) Man with a Horse Head Skin(150 Armor) Sonic Skin(350 Speed) Spiderman Skin(600 Gravity) 5.Health on kills. 10 HP on Normal Kill 15 HP on HeadShot Kill 6.GoldenAK47 Multiply Demage 1.5 Golden Bullets Costs 7500$ Command : say /goldenak Here is the pic for the Menu More Updates on the System will be coming SOON.
  5. check your messages, its there
  6. its not gonna replace Pubg , its gonna replace CSO
  7. nah not COD mod , as Soviet said , its Multi Mod server , everymod got to be played 2 maps in row , and after a vote for the new mod appears, and after the nextmod is chosen and vote map appears for the chosen mod PS: you can add any number of mods u can
  8. okay then , lets wait for @DefinitelyNotJah , also about pubg we will have it but in other server with another plugins around @Daniel
  9. Here is a vid how Multimod works @Soviet @shado @oldgamerOG @Fury @Daniel
  10. what about i give u the files and u just install it ? since i already have it with 2 mods rdy
  11. Hey, i see that this server is called "Fun Server" and its boring ashell , in my opinion , this server doesnt need a single boost if it was done in the right way, so here what i suggest 1.make this server with Multimod System which you can add more then 1 mod in 1 server , we can have like , Surf maps , painball , superhero , aim_maps, also u can add the pubg mod here so it doesnt get a single server for it , How does this work : every mod like we say Surf Maps , has it own Configs , Maps file and Plugins every mod got to be played 2 times in row (2 maps) after these 2 maps , a vote comes to choose the nextmod (for normal players) and then the next vote is for the map (depends on the mod was voted for) so in this way we can play more than 1 mod in 1 server. 2.if u dont like the first suggestion , then read this 1. Add more maps (i did already a maps suggestion topic) 2. add shop, with its own points system 3.Rank System , like dd2 and classic server , but an easier one ,and on each lvl or every 5 lvls u get a special ability 4. Vip System with special access and skins etc.. for them , can be good for the community
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