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  1. rip fps on this map lmao I see bunny hax pls ban!!11
  2. sappy


    This guy really just made a thread for this LMAO
  3. Welcome welcome welcome back ?
  4. Well I guess he thought that a dude named sappy was unworthy of even being messaged because I didnt get any messages. Damn I wanted to have some fun with the dude. Ah welp hope everything gets sorted out and im sorry ur acc got hacked shark (but then again it kinda is your fault aswell for being a dumbass :D) jokes aside I really do feel bad so I really do hope you get your account back or a new one
  5. Forum Name: lmaoo In Game Name: lmaoo | GC Admin?: ZP Your Absence's Date June 29, 2020 Your Return's Date Maybe next year depends really when I get the free time Reason of your Absence Well to be honest I was just gonna do this later when my school actually starts but my cs is being a bitch to me right now and I dont know how to fix it anymore. Also my classes start soon (online classes sucks ass) so yeah. I had fun with everyone here and I even made lots of new friends. Thanks for everything I wish yall the best and goodbye ?
  6. Apes together strong indeed ? @PepsiKityy good job xd
  7. Why dont we just limit the use of antidote to 3 like how it was supposed to be? 1 antidote for just 1 person brings us to what pepsi says if you buy a full gear which is sbs + lasermine + unlimited ammo and whatever gun you bought and someone bombs you, you cannot anti anymore because someone used it thus making everything you bought a waste. And I dont think we need to raise the price of antidote since we're already limiting it to 3. About the "bomb is 90 and anti is only 20" actually it depends on the players you bomb. If you bomb players with full gear they actually spent more than the person who bombed because a full gear which is sbs + lasermine + unlimited ammo and whatever gun but lets say they bought golden ak then they've actually spent 128 ammopacks (more or less I forgot how much everything costs because I just waste my ammo packs lmao) and if you increase the price of antidote to lets say 50 they would have to spend 238 in all (128 + 50 + 60 which is anti and another golden ak or even a more expensive gun) which is a lot more than mere 90. Basically 1 anti only is too small, and raising the price is too much imo. I agree with limiting the use of antidote but lets just limit it to 3-4 and thats it.
  8. Hey hey welcome to GC dude ?
  9. im telling you dude im fast asf on lan holy shit like damn I never knew I had it in me
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