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  1. He is right, I never join to this server because it is boring and usually is dead most of the time. I vouch for it, just remove this server and make one which contains pugb, paintball, fy_ (with poolday) and surf. And then with the free slot you will have after removing pugb you can make a good server as knife, basebuilder, Hide and seek, assault only and things like this. You also should remove cso zombie server section as it doesnt make sense to keep it
  2. Albertototo

    New Server

    Yea why not? It seems to be cool and im sure many guys will join there even steamers who own csgo to play these maps in cs1.6! also surf, basebuilder, soccerjam, HNS, deathmatch, knife server... I know I have not rights to suggests these servers as it all cost money and it is easy to say but not to do but I am giving ideas of servers which maybe work, hope it helps if it does thanks
  3. This is just a mad topic. He says senseless things and it makes me think that he is mad because a friend of him got banned or so, just saying what I can read in spanish
  4. Albertototo


    can I kiss you now? thx for this measure, it makes me feel appreciated lol
  5. I dont agree with it. I have been playing JB since 2011 and I literally have seen every single ways to manage it and I can only be agree with JB being JB. Let me explain myself: Jailbreak is supposed to be, literally, unfair with every single player in the server. If I say "what is the capital city of the USA?" and you say "washington" then he won, because he said it, unless the CT said "no cheating" at the beginning. So for instance the T press the buttons, BAD LUCK. The CTs have to pay attention and control the situations at all times. You cannot make with the server what EA did with battlefield, a game to make everyone happy and at the end make all hate the game, so the same applies for JB. It is suppose to be UNFAIR, that is the essence of the name. Yes the main reason you play is to have fun but in order to have fun you have to maintain the essence of the gameplay. I am saying this because, lately, I have been seeing people trying to make a boring server by saying unfair unfair unfair all the time with many games or many ways to do the game or saying "explain it explain it" even tho you have to explain how last request is played, are we being serious? I am starting to miss the old jb not the new one the people are trying to build, this is not the future for a jb server This is just my opinion, dont feel offended as I dont talk about anybody or something just talking in a general way ^^ lets share our opinions
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