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GamerClub.NeT | Dust2 24/7 [1000FPS/NA]
GamerClub.NeT | Classic [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | GunGame TeamPlay [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | Zombie Plague [1000FPS/NYC]




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  1. good luck if u believe they gonna do something xDD I tried a few times and alaways ignored for not saying there are not active admins, including me for obvious reasons so yea, good luck tho haha
  2. welcome fat boy :DD good to see you here
  3. Thank you very much for the high effort you have been doing and for paying these high amount of money to keep this alive. Hope everything goes good! Good lukc in ur life mate
  4. Albertoto

    New Server

    Yea why not? It seems to be cool and im sure many guys will join there even steamers who own csgo to play these maps in cs1.6! also surf, basebuilder, soccerjam, HNS, deathmatch, knife server... I know I have not rights to suggests these servers as it all cost money and it is easy to say but not to do but I am giving ideas of servers which maybe work, hope it helps if it does thanks
  5. Off-topic: Could someone just perm ban this guy here in forums? On-topic: I agree with you Google. To be honest I never suggested that but I always thought that FF should be removed because there are people who for real dont know that this is a Team GunGame server so the best way would be to remove FF or just make it a free for all server without teams (it would be a lil bit chaotic but anyways cool). So yea, I fully agree with you
  6. The problem is that I don't think the players in the server know it as I didn't know it so that's why I prefer to directly not enable the players to talk in the server and anot annoy the guys playing
  7. Also we should not allow the players to talk in the server because today I have been playing 3 maps with 2 kids talking and it couldnt be more annoying. Not about /mute (which doesnt exist) but to not allow the people to use the mic would be a good extra
  8. Yes I think as you there are very popular maps as for example gg_battlefield but obviously as they are popular they appear in the vote almost all the time so always I join they ar playing the same maps so thats why I suggested to have a map rotation to let everyone play differents maps Today as an anecdote one guy said "new maps" so I think that there are players who actually want to see a change ^^ As for hawaii, I agree with you, it should be removed as well. Another question I have: When I am in CT or T and I want to go to spectators team, how can I go? because I have to rejoin to the server to go to spec team because I cannot change it when im inside the server so if it can be changed it would be great
  9. Hey there lovely JB people, I am doing this topic because I was playing before JB and then we went to play wipeout so I approached the time and pressed the buttoms to make the game starts and 4 people died so then Kay, robinito is noobito and hemo told me that it is not allowed and it deals to a ban. They had mercy, as I didnt know this rule as I have been afk for a few months, and they decided to not ban me. Yesterday also someone pressed 123 game in jb_oasis and closed the door. There was a guy using the tasser to get us inside the cage to make us play it and we finally died. A T was using the tasser. I will give my point of view to try to convince you to remove this stupid rule from the server; Basically since I started playing Jailbreak back in 2011, this rule was never used. Literally since 2011 until 2020 I have seen this rule being used only here, in this server (I know that might some of you say that you have seen this rule in X server in X community but I am talking from my experience and what I have seen in all these years) and as the name says, JAILBREAK is about chaos. Killing your teammates to win, killing cts, escaping, ruining days by rebelling and try to get weapons to your mates to kill the cts and rebel successfully. I even normally say "hey guys i will count till 3 and then we rush them becuase we are 8 vs 1" and we ruin his day even if he was doing cool unless you really really really want to have fun and let him make funny days to enjoy it. So what I am trying to say is that you cannot ban a Terrorist who is rebelling by killing his teammates, because counts as rebeling because he is ruining the cts day by not leaving any player alive. The CTS should be good enough to not let this happens. Back in days CTs were giving a lot of efforts and improving the way to get the people inside the cage for example to not let us rebel or going anywhere. Then the terrorists were also having fun by killing their mates with the car in a race, or killing them inside the cage or any way you can think. I will never see right ban a guy for killing his friend in J A I L B R E A K. Please, keep in topic when you reply, don't rush me if you are not agree, keep it polite and thanks for replying, it is good to know differents opinions.
  10. This is just a mad topic. He says senseless things and it makes me think that he is mad because a friend of him got banned or so, just saying what I can read in spanish
  11. Albertoto


    I wonder if it would be possible to delete gg_fy_simpsons and gg_rapidfire_s because it gets the server empty always we play it and add these maps as it seems to be cool: https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/maps/gungame/3053-gg_minecraft.html https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/maps/gungame/3051-gg_fy_simpsons_new.html - This one would be the sustitution of the old simpson map we currently have https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/maps/gungame/3101-gg_palm_beach.html - We have one famous map similar to this one so adding this would be a plus https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/2723/ https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/1886/ I wonder as well if we could have map rotation instead of a vote because it always appears the same maps and it would be cool to play every single maps and I think that it could be cool to leave all players (including me) play all the maps we got a not always the same, if you see it correctly if not then leave it as it is I hope you like this, thanks
  12. If I can help with it in Jailbreak and GG, which is where I was admin before if I remember it correctly, of course. I gladly accept it, thank you very much mate
  13. Name: Alberto Age 25 Country: Spain What are your hobbies ? Visual Merchandising, Escaparatism, Play videogames, read books, go hiking, swim, calisthenics How did you find us ? MaffyOZ told me about it in january Favorite game : Surely CS 1.6 PS: I had fun in gC community and could'nt be patient to be distant from it so here im again to enjoy with you guys the good moments , i appreciate also the motivation of Kay and BloodyPro to comeback to lovely gc family
  14. Forum Name: Albertototo In Game Name: Albert Admin?: JB, GG Your Absence's Date 07/06/2020 Your Return's Date Never Reason of your Absence I am leaving the community. Feel free to demote me from JB and GG and if you want, delete my account, I am singing out now
  15. I am not going to answer these senseless replies. As I said, close this topic