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  1. Still i couldn't get players before that and I had a whole month to do it. I was away as well but anyways it doesn't excuse me. Maybe there is someone ready to take my position and do a better job than I did. Also and I think that if people prefer to play a pug tournament rather than joining to the jb event it means something as well
  2. It's fine, it was an a different hour and still not all guys were going to be in the match so still they could have joined but as I said, I failed with my management. I couldnt revive the server and I dont want to keep wasting money and time, it will be better if they add deathmatch or knife only server, surf or so
  3. Well, as the title says, I am assuming the responsibilities and I am resigning because after 1 month I couldn't do anything to revive the server, apart from a failed JB event. I had many ideas and I thought people would like it and old players join back to the server but after all, JB is not longer cool. Players from Ambrosia joined a few days ago and one of them said a sentence that basically explained everything perfectly "I think that JB was funnier when I was younger". People who used to like JB are now +25 yo or basically they play pug/dd2 or zombie or they left cs 1.6 and get new players is also very difficult to do so from my point of view and to not make shado pay more time for a dead server and leave an useless guy as me as manager, I basically decided to resign which is the best decision for all of us. I hope you guys can forgive me for making you all lose the time and money in the server, I really wanted something different and have a server more or less 12/24 all afternoons but as they say in Wales "It is what it is"
  5. EXACTLY! Sunday 10/01/2021, 17:00 GMT +1 which is the best day/hour when almost everyone will be free! For everyone: 300 JB currency to spend in the Store For the guy who finishes first in the score table: Choose any JB map to be added to the server + VIP for 1 month We will play one map and if they like it, we can do another round to get a second winner! Remember to invite your friends or so to have more fun! Thanks for replying ^^
  6. HEY THEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Keep this day in your calendar!!! SUNDAY 10/01/2021 17:00 GMT+1 !!!! THIS DAY EVERY GUY WHO ARE ONLINE FOR 1 WHOLE MAP WILL GET FOR FREE 300$ TO SPEND IN THE STORE OF OUR LOVELY JAILBREAK SERVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and the guy who finishes FIRST in the score TABLE will be able to choose a map to be added to the server and get a VIP for 1 WHOLE MONTH !!! SO dont hesitate and join JB server SUNDAY 10/01/2021 17:00 GMT +1 Remember YOU can create YOUR OWN clan!!! You will get your OWN SECTION with your OWN CLAN SIGNATURE !!! You can apply to be an admin, give us suggestions toimprove the server or join ANYTIME YOU WANTT !!! Remember to invite your friends and join us to play !!! THIS IS OUR LOVELY IP !!!
  7. JB rules updated. Update: 24. CTs MUST count 30 seconds before going inside the vent. After 30 seconds CTs are allowed to go inside the vent. CTs are NOT allowed to go inside the vent before 30 seconds are counted. Update: NEW rule CTs: 26. CTs MUST explain what game they are doing and what are the rules of the game, no matter how simple or known the game is. Update. NEW rule CTs: 27. CTs MUST give warning shots to Ts always. Update. NEW rule for Ts/CTs. 28. Any player should delay the round on purpose. Doing this will deal in slay.
  8. Hello and welcome to our new clan system. Here you will find a deep explanation of how Clans will work and how Clan wars will work. Any question, feel free to contact me via PM or Steam, or write it down. Once the most important are answered, I will lock the topic. How can I apply to have my own clan and what are the requirements? What you need to have your own clan is: 3 members clarifying who will be the owner (founder), what logo you are going to use (as every clans need to have one. The size will be of 525x115) and if it is going to be active (as we will do clan wars and your clan have to participate in it). With this, you are ready to apply. ALL CLAN MEMBERS HAVE TO WEAR THE CLAN TAG AT ALL TIMES. Will my clan be accepted for sure if I meet these requirements? It depends. We will make a review of the application and what you plan to do once you get the clan, also we will check the members, their activity, etc. If everything is ok, you will be accepted and then you will have your clan done. What do you mean with CLAN WARS? Clan Wars are an essencial part of this new system I have implemented. Once we have a minimum of 4 clans created and working properly, Clan Wars will automatically start. I will make a topic to know which clans will participate. Then every two weeks, 2 clans will compete in the following games: 1 soccer match, 1 KZ match and 1 attempt to rebel. In this last one a CT will command and the first clan member to kill the CT will make their clan to win the game. It will be done every Sunday with an hour all of the members who will participate are agreed. 3 clan members must participate. No more or less than 3. It can be the same always or different as long as they belong to the clan they participate for. If X clan wins that day 2 matches out of 3, they will win 2 points in the league. There will be a special topic where I will write the clan names, which day they participated, how many matches they won that day and if they won 2 points or not. What do you mean with LEAGUE? We will start with a league in which all clans will start with 0 points, every sundays when they play their matches, points will increase or maintain in 0. Every months the League will be finished and the prizes will be shared among the winners. Wait, winners? What will we get? Yes! You heard properly. After the last sunday of the month, the winner clan will get special prizes. It will change every end of Leagues. It could be Free VIP for 1 week, special skins... There are many things going on with the prizes but by now, I am not giving more hints.
  9. This ScreenShot was taken the very first day of Jailbreak Server!!! Remember to join us and play!! We alays having fun Jailbreak IP:
  10. 08/12/2020 Doing 1. Creating VIP: Price, skins, features inside the server (by now that's TOP SECRET!) 2. Checking rules to be changed, added or removed. x 3. Creating clan section as well as clan application form and features. x 4. Opening admin applications when it gets more active. x 5. Changing skins for Ts once we find one which seems good and can be added. x 6. Add paint plugin x 08/12/2020 Done 1. Skins for Ts/Cts Changed 2. Creating clan section completed 3. Opened Admin app 09/12/2020 1. Rules changed 2. colorful paint line plugin done
  11. Hey there!, Here you will be able to see every single changes we make in the server as well as everything we are currently working on behind scenes. The idea is to keep you updated with the stuff we do to improve the server and be open/transparent with all of you. We will post the day we start doing something and later in the same post the day we finish doing it, which could be the same day, for example.
  12. Welcome. Here you can find the map rotation of the server. In case we decide to remove or add any map, it will be posted here. jail_arizona jail_eternity jail_healbrake jail_phoenix jail_rehab_b4 jail_west_v2 jb_mania_fixed jb_minecraft_csgo jb_projetocs jb_russia_v1 jb_snow jail_greytown
  13. Welcome dear JB players, If you have any suggestion related with the server which can be: Rules, skins, maps (add or remove), bug which need to be solved, etc, write it down please. It is important that you use this form to make the suggestion: In case you have any complain, use the same form above. I show you an example:
  14. I am just doing a little reminder: These games are just a few list of a bigger one. You can do many more games apart from these ones. Remember to be creative, use the map instead of the cage, and if you see a CT doing boring days -> give them ideas to make the days funnier or suggest to the admin to make you CT and help him to improve his/her skills commanding.
  15. Hey there! This topic was made to add all your: videos, screenshots, GIF, memes or anything related with funny stuff about GamerClub Jailbreak. Post only or new stuff or old but gold ones, avoid posting things not related with Jailbreak.