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  1. I have no much time to play so i cannot do my job pretty well.
  2. Yes,if you guys can add it back it should be awesome!
  3. No @ GoOoD ,the most important thing that should be added is fps hud,the admins will benefit a lot from it.
  4. Forum Name: Yair In Game Name: gc' Yair Admin?: Admin at zp server Your Absence's Date 30/8/2020 Your Return's Date Unknown Reason of your Absence Well, my school is back in 2 days from now, same goes to my basketball trainings, 6 trainings a week, so i may not have time to do my job or being online.... I hope to come back asap, i had fun with everyone from here and it was pleasure to meet you all/to be an admin at GC, i will try to keep in touch with y'all.... Byeeee
  5. Mama doesnt allow me to see "YouTuber"