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  1. I did not know that @GoOo also handled zombie xD I will update myself in the posts, I will wait for your response.
  2. Sorry to insist on the issue but it is happening negative in some maps All the maps with drive ramp are maps where the zombie and human, do not attack or commit suicide infection, this is because they prefer to do Bhop to follow the theme of the game Can the admins give your comment on it? @ Enigm4 @ debarshab @ Chiki. Another very good map that you should include is zm_restart_v3 is a very entertaining map and can be played with a few (6) and many (32), it would be good if you add it, together with some that I popped and put in the vote 'Temple' Download file: zm_restart_v3.zip Thanks for reading and answering @ BloodyPro @ oldgamerOG
  3. @ BloodyPro @ oldgamerOG They could give an answer and put 'Temple' back in the voting
  4. Well, I'll come in and let you know, until they cancel the old one
  5. Good morning / Afternoon / Night The main reason for this publication is that we have empty hours in server activity. For that reason I had to look for a link from 1 year ago where I had saved maps and propose it so that they can make additions to the server 5 of the 6 maps can be considered small but very entertaining maps and that is the reason why I think they should be included, they are small and entertaining that can be played with 32 players as well as 6 or 7 players I think map 6 is already included in the server maps but it is out of the voting list, it is a very good map (lgk_zm_temple2) Another reason why I have made this publication is to request that maps with a very bad server activity be removed from the voting list, so we can have more active people who can vote for the most used maps and at low time they can choose small maps List of maps: 1.- zm_attack_bros 2.- zm_aztec_defense 3.- zm_defense_infection 4.- zm_fox 5.- zm_fox_night_beta 6.- lgk_zm_temple2 Could you give me a comment? @oldgamerOG @GoOoD @Dantes @Kurre @Legendito @José @Yair @JackFrost @EnIgm4 @idan2133 @George @david39 @[email protected] @DIHKUN @debarshab Download file: mapas zm.rar
  6. @ oldgamerOG putting a lasermine is a risk of losing everything bought, I hope the prompt solution rr.dem
  7. Hello, good morning / afternoon / evening The problem happens to put the laser mine, in the moment of loading it is bugea and the loading is restarted several times, and you have to tighten and neglect your position to achieve putting In the short time that I have been, reactive I have received several complaints, I thought it was only happening to me but I can see that it is not my pc or my keyboard. I installed in no team on the laptop and the problem is the same, that's why I encourage you to make this publication Thank you very much for your attention and your response, I already forgot to double jump .. 1 year away is a long time
  8. Good morning / afternoon / evening. I bring you some tips that many know but others do not, it is the 'bind' of quick purchases If you noticed why some players buy so fast in less than 2 seconds, it is because they use 'bind', a useful command in all servers Let's start with the server that gives the most utility to the 'bind' the zombie server, it is used by all the admins to slap, slay, kick, ban, questions, buy weapons, etc. let's start to form a 'bind', first open a 'notepad' and start with the first part we write "bind" between quotes and separated by a space the key to bind, example "F3" (you can put any letter on the keyboard, the ideal is 'F3 to F11', letters or numbers) give it a space and open quotation marks "", within the quotation marks goes the path that the 'bind' will do to buy what is required "CHOOSE TEAM": It's like pressing the "M" key, that is, to open the 'Zombie Menu'. "menuselect 2;" : It is to select the Extra Items menu Zombie mode Human mode "menuselect 9;" : Next page. "menuselect 7;" : Select AKM12 Human mode "menuselect 4;" : Select infection bomb Zombie mode Remember to add ";" at the end of each command and then add another Then it would look like this for AKM12: "Bind" "F3" "chooseteam; menuselect 2; menuselect 9; menuselect 9; menuselect 7;" Then it would look like this for Infection bomb: "Bind" "F4" "chooseteam; menuselect 2; menuselect 4;" These 'bind' are for classic servers, the difference that 'CHOOSETEAM' and 'menuselect' are no longer used, only the names followed by 'primammo; secammo' to differentiate if it is a primary or secondary weapon, the rest is only added with the name and separated ';' "Bind" "F6" "awp;primammo;secammo;deagle;vesthelm;hegren;flash;flash;defuser" "Bind" "F7" "m4a1;ak47;primammo;secammo;deagle;vesthelm;hegren;flash;flash;defuser" Once the 'bind' is generated you have to paste it into the 'confing.cfg' file let's locate the file we will need, I will leave you the exact addresses if you are steam or not steam, just change the username (name of your pc) Steam address where we locate the 'cstrike' folder and inside the folder the 'config.cfg' file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike Address of those who use the no steam where we locate the folder 'cstrike' and inside the folder the file 'config.cfg' C:\Program Files\Valve or C:\Program Files\Counter-Strike 1.6 C:\Users\<Windows username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Valve or C:\Users\<Windows username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Counter-Strike 1.6 You can also right click on the game icon and in properties click on 'file location' Once the file 'config.cfg' is located, we copy it and paste the copy on the desktop, we open 'notepad' Make sure that the 'reading' option is not checked, the desktop copy right click on properties, if the reading option is checked, 'uncheck it' Now we copy, the bind you made and replace them with what is there F3, F4 and from F6 to F11) there is no problem in replacing, if you are going to use for example 'b', modify and place an 'F6', which did the letter 'b' will be the one who placed it 'F6' already copied, just save the change, protect by activating the 'read' option again, copy that file from the desktop and replace it with the connfig.cfg from the cstrike folder and that's it you can go play and buy with the 'bind' created
  9. I already add them to my favorites, I'll be a little more active. not as much as before but we go little by little.
  10. ?https://www.gamerclub.net/index.php?/topic/3231-gronedson-s-introduction/&do=findComment&comment=20950
  11. Name: Edson Age 30 Country: Perú What are your hobbies ? Counter Strike, COC, Among us How did you find us ? I am a Veteran SgK, LgK and now GC Favorite game : Counter Strike
  12. - @Tryoesk' I thought I had put it in English xD - @oLdGamer it was more time in demo reviewe r functions - @Dantes hello old friend will you have a command link for zombie? Thanks for the comments, I will try to be active in the forum and on the servers. GronEdson again at home.
  13. Nombre: GronEdson edad 29 País: Perú Cuáles son tus aficiones ? El mundo de Steam, especializado en Counter Strike Cómo se enteró de nosotros ? Soy un veterano Juego favorito: Counter Strike - clásico
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