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  1. I think this boy has problems and many, you liked to disrespect the administrators in Spanish, if I banned you previously it is because you have broken some rule, remember that here your case can be defended with capture or demonstration tests, I think he invents everything this
  2. you say be ready to be admin? And your evidence was to call someone else to support you in this post? When you yourself should have captured a test like that, it is for something so simple that annoying, and if you follow the rules as it says, then you must have your tests as simple as that and do not look for so many excuses, haber let me guess it doesn't have I guess because I don't take them.
  3. You only gave me a ban because you saw me in the game with the administrator yet, because it is not my fault that they have not deactivated it there, that's all
  4. not if you are an admin you should have your tests not by words you should have taken a capture or a demo I think that it is clear to you before making a ban did they teach you that?
  5. I had problems with my connection, and it hadn't taken me 3 minutes for him to put "not Trying" .. can you understand that? I would like to see a demo or a stronger test
  6. What part do you not understand?
  7. I was not on the server for more than 3 minutes and you had already forbidden me, what excuse do you have? If I am making a mistake, then what was the reason?
  8. Oh well, did you like me? You must act differently, than the administrator is active, it is not my fault, if I remember correctly, I am not banned, from the community is not a reason for you to give me that ban
  9. The reason for the admin is only to tell me that since I am no longer an admin, he gave me the ban for pleasure
  10. Admin who abused: Pepsikitty In which server: zombie plague Your in-game name: XixØr Your steamid: 0:1:428024815 Admins steamid: 1:0:40898745 Evidence of any: Description of what happened: entering the game he gave me a ban for no reason
  11. Congratulations @Lexa?