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  1. Just pin point out. Ive notice some are very horny on Ban button. Insteed of doing the propper warning/explenation Slap/kick/slay they ban straight away which is not good/propper way to do it. You have to warn a rule braker first and give him a chance, before you just ban someone. (unless its a regular rule braker) and ofc this dosent invole if the guy is using cheats/hacks. Thank you.
  2. Keep up the hard work guys!
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/file/t1nw9k43gk3ew4h/hopparrunt.dem/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/b49a8lm8dzydhi7/Half_Life_2020.06.12_-_13.19.39.01.rar/file and here its in .mp4 Format Something like this? its a .dem file tho. Ps: this is 250 fps.
  4. Thank you lads Let's continue to do a good work and show the world we are nr 1!
  5. Hey! We are indeed need of admins but they need to be able to communicate. i wouldent say there is 0% chance, but do you have any reports? And what is your experince as an admin? i Will #Vouch neutral for now until you awnser my questions.
  6. Thank you senior Shado for your kind words and the rest of the crew in GC. Wasent planing on returning to 1.6 sens i never liked the other communitys out there, but then i started to talk to oldgamer again and he showd me Gamerclub and i checkt the Roster and finaly a community where i can feel i can trust the higer ups and it acctuly feel worth spending my time here! Let's all have a awesome and fun journey togheter here in GC!
  7. Kurre


    I agree, if this plugin isent added yet, it should. its a very usefull one and can help in alot of situations. should be added to admin/admin+
  8. Name: Jesper Age 26 Country: Sweden What are your hobbies ? Cats!, Cant get enought of cats! Can you even have to many Cats?! hmm.. Who dosent like to smack some zombie ass in ZP?? I would call myself a layback dude who just wants to have some fun and a good time with other people here in GC. How did you find us ? The Legend Himself OldGamer. Favorite game : Counter Strike/Tibia
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