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  1. We have a PUG server lol.
  2. oXide

    New Server

    I think we should get rid of the classic server and just have this server.
  3. oXide

    Gamerclub New Pug Server | Nayaems

    so this is what its like to play versus me
  4. oXide

    New Server

    I'd love to play in a server like this. I used to play in one that had its own money system / crates you could open and keys you could buy with money. It always had a lot of people in it and it would definitely be one of my favorites to play in if GC opened one up.
  5. Some clips from the games today! Enjoy!
  6. This a tutorial I made for GamerClub. If you like this video I will consider making more. Give me some feedback in the comments!
  7. oXide

    zoi | oXide

    Here is my old 1.6 video I made a bunch of years ago from a few demo files that I saved from my old PC. All of these are from 5v5 competitive Matches or Scrimmages in CAL/CEVO/ESEA
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