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New Servers IP's

GamerClub.NeT | Dust2 24/7 [1000FPS/NA]
GamerClub.NeT | Classic [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | GunGame TeamPlay [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | Zombie Plague [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | JailBreak [1000FPS/EU]



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  1. oXide


    "suppose to suck my nuts" ?
  2. oXide


    2 clips from PUG EU
  3. It would be cool if the developers could just add a stat track to the server. I've seen so many other pugs with it.
  4. We have a PUG server lol.
  5. Get some for videos on my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/oXide13
  6. back when matches were 24 rounds! haha nice. welcome to the community.
  7. what about some aim maps like aim_akcolt and awp_map and some fy maps like fy_snow and fy_buzzkill
  8. oXide

    New Server

    I think we should get rid of the classic server and just have this server.
  9. I will obey all of these rules! thank you my fearless leader for bringing order and justice to the land