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  1. lol i also use right click to shoot because i used to have a broken mouse years back and i cant shake the muscle memory. every fps game i play, i change shoot from left mouse to right.
  2. the timing is very easy to learn and wouldn't take more than a couple minutes for any player. With my setup, I scroll up then just afterwards will press shift (my crouch key). you can do this in constant succession without ever losing speed. here is a decent tutorial despite being in another language. the on screen tooltip shows the timing well. ~55 second mark
  3. I made a mistake with my binds. the correct bind is bind "mwheelup" "+duck" bind "mwheeldown" "+duck" been probably a decade since i last had to do binds haha
  4. I was asked how to Russian hop/crouch hop as its a major part of my play style so I figured i'd make a thread for those who don't know and would like to learn. Its real simple: in console type bind mwheeldown +crouch and/or bind mwheelup +crouch to preform the walk, you would mouse scroll then crouch via ctrl (or whatever your crouch key is on keyboard). scrolling without hitting crouch gives you the little hop useful in giving you a little extra height in your peeks. the Russian walk is extremely helpful as it makes less sound than running while not losing speed and when done correctly it gives your opponent less audio cues to accurately predict your location. Some people find it more challenging to hit a person using this technique and both the walk and hop are useful in building your own rhythm when applied to your play style. my personal preference is: bind mwheelup +crouch bind mwheeldown +jump i prefer having jump on mwheel because it makes bunny hopping much easier to string together multiple jumps. If you have any questions just hmu.
  5. didnt see this before i made my thread. heres mine https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7a7sDvC5LtmZ1ICVgx7kjl
  6. Post links to the playlists you listen to when playing cs. Here's my punk and hardcore playlist I've been working on. just hit shuffle. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7a7sDvC5LtmZ1ICVgx7kjl over 2k songs, I often make changes and add songs.
  7. i appreciate the effort to keep good cs 1.6 servers alive.
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