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  1. Hello, I wasn't on CS for awhile and when I came back, I saw all my APs were gone. Can someone help me?
  2. Forum Name: Busy In Game Name: r A d ( ) n Admin?: Not an admin Your Absence's Date last week Your Return's Date maybe a month Reason of your Absence work/study - fuck them
  3. I joined gungame a while ago, got friendly fired and i was like the fuck is happening lmao. Well i mostly play on dd2 and zmalong with a lil bit of deathrun and fun so i dont have right to suggest something in classic coz i never played on that server lol. But man that nade spamming in dd2 gets me TRIGGERED every once in a while. i dont even want to talk about those TS campers on dust 2 and some dark spot campers in ct base (like wut the fuck u doing there man go camp in site and leave it alone so i can rush mid :D). I dunno about team balance plugin like who can stop u cal
  4. U said every other game runs smoothly and somethings wrong with pc. SO here's what i think. 1. YOUR PC didn't meet the requirements of the games 2. Some thing went wrong when u were installing game 3. if its a CD then theres a whole lotta things that can go wrong 4 GAME IS BUGGED 5 Drivers outdated 6 some other random error Pirate that game from your friend Hope that helps.
  5. Try google or support team. dunno what to say coz imma lowkey triggered.
  6. forgot what to say. Pretty sure it was some gud (maybe) thing for admins. but anyways imma leave it here just in case i remember or make up my mind coz well its funny. And when i edit this u better be prepared there will be a ton of shit and NO TLDRs for lazy butts
  7. We sucks at math....

    1. r A d ( ) n

      r A d ( ) n

      Well...look at the better side... there's one thing less to suck about lmao

  8. may be the requirements didn't match your PC. OR try contacting the support team of THAT game coz well u buyed it. They might be able to help u with that.
  9. I see u a lot in zp. U doing a great job mate. Love bombing humans with infection bomb with ya
  10. Don't know where to post this but i hope admins take a look at it. So as I mentioned/confessed that I was a big time waller. Here are couple of tricks to catch smart ass hackers. THERES TL;DR for people who don't have time or busy. I am not that great at finding hackers so i am not gonna lecture on that. but hey, i have played fair share of CS 1.6 so i can obviously catch nub hackers. In case you find a hackers follow these things coz well why not PLEASE CHANGE YOUR NAME which contains GC tag. Now dont be smart and just remove gc tag, change your WHOLE NAME. Preferably to some random name like GamerClub.net (random number) or whatever. Now if you change name it shows you changed your name in chats. so before u change name quickly disconnect-----> change name ------> reconnect. Dont use normal or white chat UNLESS you really need to. You can use [email protected] to speak to fellow admin buddies and let them know who you are or You will get kicked (dunno if admins can kick each other but pretty sure SHADO can) THEN RECORD DEMO or whatever u use to record. I can give my vouch that 1 in 10 people are smart ass waller that turns off hacks when they see admins in chat. I used this trick and didn't get caught A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR in an advance server with lot of admin (feel bad for those admins). TL;DR : Disconnect-------> CHANGE NAME------> Don't CHAT---------> Record DEMO--------> BAN THOSE SMART ASS BITCH WALLERS. I LOVE this community that's why i am ranting LOL.
  11. I fixed it after reading it thoroughly. i can feel the smoothness
  12. Trust me i tried this guide and I messed up coz i am dumb now i am getting spikes. ( dont change ur rates unless u know it is [email protected]@t) Better read it again and redo it -_- anyways thanks for post.
  13. Welcome to GC! Have fun in the servers
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