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  1. @GoOoD he already made unban request, why report the admin? This should be discussed in the unban request, not here. He didn't abuse, so this thread is useless
  2. Because you made 0 reports. Reports hackers, and then copy the links. If you don't report, how do you want to have links. And why did you modified the link with your name, wtf
  3. Who the hell are you and those reports? I've never seen you, or any report from you. Also some of the links are from Yair reports, and you literally created your account 1 hour ago. We are not idiots. Thank you @Soviet
  4. adam

    yoo veteran.nice color.enjoy ur rest

    1. Xtrem
    2. adam


      gonna miss u

  5. if you say so Then apply for position 2+ weeks after you get admin
  6. Hmm Well you clearly didnt meet the requirements. You are not even admin. Read requirements first.
  7. Do you know what are you applying for? Do you want to be an admin or a Demo Reviewer? This is an application for demo reviewer, not admin
  8. Morning

  9. adam

    donate me points

  10. Xtrem

    Puggin with Gamerclub

    No words You are a legend
  11. Xtrem

    Helpful guide

    Nice Nice Thank you for sharing this my BosnianBoy
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