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  1. @NeeThR|F dont comment here except dr+ and that admin
  2. @KING ARABE without reporting hackers u not gonna be admin . be active report some hacker then u can apply
  3. Not much theory: BIND - A command that binds a specific command or series of commands to a specific key. To assign several commands to a key, use the ";" to separate them BINDTOGGLE - On / off command When assigned to a key, assigns the command value 0 or 1 in turn TOGGLE - A variable entered before the console command to assign a key to alternate enumerated values. INCREMENTVAR - A variable entered before the console command to assign the key to sequentially toggle values with a certain step from the specified minimum to the specified maximum. Examples: 1. bind "m" "teammenu" 2. bind "F10" "drop;say bb all;quit" 3. bind "n" "netg_raprh 3" 4. bindtoggle "F3" "cl_righthand" 5. bind "F4" "toggle volume 0.1 0.5 1" 6. bind "mouse3" "incrementvar sensitivity 1.0 5.0 0.2" 1. The "m" key will execute the "teammenu" console command. 2. The F10 key will execute a sequence of three commands: a weapon will be thrown (1-drop), a message to the general chat "bb all" (2-say bb all), the game will be quit (3-quit). 3. The "n" key will execute the "net_graph" console command with a value of 3. 4. The "F3" key will enable / disable the cl_righthand command 5. The "F4" key will toggle the value of the volume command 0.1 / 0.5 / 1 6. Pressing the mouse wheel (mouse3) will increase the sensitivity value in increments of 0.2 starting from the current value in the config and increasing by 0.2 each time you press mouse3 in the range of values from 1 to 5. ALIAS - A command that creates an alias for a specific command or set of commands. The sense, important: The BIND command (reserved keyword) binds (assigns) a key to execute a console command or a group of commands, the ALIAS command (reserved keyword) creates a new console command from an existing command or group of commands. Let's say the programming language Python (or another, the meaning is the same) to create a function, you must do 4 things: 1. Indicate creation (service word def) 2. Name the function 3. Specify actions 4. Execute (call) the function def hola (): print ("Hello GC!") hola () def - service word hola - name print ("Hello GC!") - action hola () - execution Will be output to the console Hello GC! Alias works the same way: alias awp "buy awp" alias deagle "buy deagle" alias sniper "awp; deagle; say_team I am already sniper" bind "s" "sniper" alias - service word awp / deagle / sniper - name buy awp / buy deagle / awp; deagle; say_team I am already Sniper - action s - execution When you press the "s" button you will buy AWP Deagle and tell the team that you are a Sniper Double Duck example: bind "MWHEELUP" "+duck" or alias "dd" "+duck;wait;-duck" bind "MWHEELUP" "dd" or alias +dd "+duck; alias -dd "-duck" alias "w" "wait" alias dd "+dd; w; -dd" bind "MWHEELUP" "dd" With the help of the Alias command, you can fine-tune your script and in this sutation you make your movement almost silent. Now about how cheats work: Let's create a function for AK47. def AK47 (): desciption = AK47 riffle or StringID (link for full description) cost = 3900 holder_fov = 1.8 // viewing angle ammo_mag_size = 30 // magazine size ammo_class = 7x62 or 9x39 - types of ammo used fire_modes = 2 // modes of fire cam_relax_speed = 0.004 // speed of return to home position cam_dispersion = 0.1 - angle increase (in degrees) with each shot fire_distance = 300 // maximum distance for shooting AND more commands Then we describe the logic behind these values. This function will be triggered when the player holds the AK47. Third-party programmers find similar values in memory or in hex-code, use decompilation, etc. Then some values are changed eg cam_dispersion = 0 no recoil cam_relax_speed = 0 no spread. They write their own piece of code and inject it instead of the original using their own or third-party injectors. (By the way - VAC ban looks more for injector signatures than cheat signatures). Let's call this the lower level of programming. But the use of the ALIAS command should be called the upper level of programming. alias w "wait;" alias w8 "w; w; w; w; w; w; w; w;" alias fireOn "+duck; w8; +attack" alias fireOff "-duck; -attack" alias +fire "fireOn" alias -fire "fireOff" bind "e" "+fire" How you know the recoil is less when you shoot while sitting. Here when you press "e" key the player will shoot from sitting position. alias w "wait;" alias w5 "w; w; w; w; w;" alias fire1 "+attack; w; -attack; w5" alias fire2 "fire1; w5; fire1;" alias fire3 "fire1; w5; fire2" bind "z" "fire1" bind "x" "fire2" bind "c" "fire3" Here z - 1 bullet, x - 2 bullets, c - 3 bullets. I just created these two scripts by myself in 30 minutes (I haven't had this practice for a long time). @NeeThR|F The "bind" command has never been forbidden anywhere. The "alias" command is prohibited on tournaments and on some servers there is even a plugin for it called the Alias Checker. On our servers that not prohibited. But only if this doesn't give a clear advantage over the opponent. And also in the rules you can find such a line: No Hacking / Scripting - Players are not allowed to use any kind of cheat [Wallhack, Bhop Script, Strafe Hack, etc.] this will lead to a permanent ban - from my point of view it is wrote very blurry and little bit stupid. and your scripts: bind "d" "+moveright; cl_righthand 1;" bind "a" "+moveleft; cl_righthand 0;" or alias +rig "+moveright; cl_righthand 1;" alias -rig "-moveright;" alias +lef "+moveleft; cl_righthand 0;" alias -lef "-moveleft;" bind "d" "+rig" bind "a" "+lef" or + scope color change alias scope1 "cl_crosshair_color "255 255 0" alias scope2 "cl_crosshair_color "255 0 0" alias +rig "+moveright; cl_righthand 1;scope1;" alias -rig "-moveright;" alias +lef "+moveleft; cl_righthand 0; scope2;" alias -lef "-moveleft;" bind "d" "+rig" bind "a" "+lef" Good Luck ! OK attention all everyone quote this message and make this longer than great wall of China . way to WORLD RECORD XD
  4. @NeeThR|F yes its allowed unless u bind hack for any key
  5. mirceaA

    Crouch running

    Yes u can use it @jayess it is called silent run
  6. mirceaA

    Crouch running

    @PepsiKitty man u nailed it . next level troll cant stop laughing
  7. Dont say us what to do .first let him speak we should know what exactly happened @Pwnography
  8. mirceaA


    @Soviet Isolate those bitcoin for 14 days it should also be virused.
  9. First of all I didn't banned u
  10. Make unban request I'll speak to u there
  11. @n00b which admin banned u ?
  12. #neutral u didn't completely pass the demo test . Even I not sure ur doing duties like kick afks .slay/slap campers and abusers when I was playing with u I didn't feel that admin with me . Only I was just moderating the server . Let's see what other says
  13. Lol only demo proof speaks here. Screen shots no use
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