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  1. This feels like a deja vu. It´s nice to see you again, Edson.
  2. Not super positive about fy_poolday for Classic, but I think we do need an awp map.
  3. So, last night I was checking the maps we have other than the ones that we can vote for, and we already have the cs_747, de_dust2_2x2 and a bunch of other maps. Players can´t vote for them, but admins can change the map. Last night the server was dead and I changed the map to de_dust2_2x2 and it picked up pretty quickly, it got some good traffic going.
  4. CS_747 sounds like fun, especially if both teams know what they´re doing, but I´m not sure if it´d be well received.
  5. I´ll take Central Park in monopoly if you have it.
  6. You know what, I think that @ Pwnography changed my mind, he´s right. I mean, whoever wants to switch teams will do it anyway, like I said, but it is also true that many players will simply stay in the team they were assinged to, which causes the teams to be more balanced and in that way it´d be less likely that the best players will play in the same team. It´s not a big deal and it won´t affect the server whether it gets removed or not, but now I think it´d be better to just leave it on.
  7. Tryoesk, don´t you miss slaying me before I defuse the bomb? Come back, vato.
  8. What´s up, SON1K. Welcome to the club.
  9. I think players will join whatever team they want to join anyway, so the autoteam is just an extra step. I say remove it, d2 seems to be doing fine without it.
  10. Definitely need a small map because people leave when there are just a few players and then other players won´t join because they see the server is empty. Maybe we should have several options to play those maps and when more players join the server we can go back to the regular maps.
  11. Hello, kevin. Hope you have fun. Welcome.
  12. It´s sad cause I just filled a form from college in pretty much the same way and I didn't even notice until it was already too late lol.
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