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    Nah, nobody would ever say "piratas informáticos" xD next time just say "hackers", it's better and ofc they can understand you better, but hey! the google translate did a good job there are almost no errors, and it is readable. Nice @Hemo for taking care of people who can't speak english! keep it up buddy it's really appreciate.
  2. There's no one banned with that name, show us a screenshot with what it says in console while you're trying to get in to the server. I'm gonna wait your reply @williamrezendex, you have 24 hours to post the screenshot.
  3. Name in Game: gc`ahead Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:424520960 Prefix: [El Picarón] Some of spanish will be cool
  4. -Add semiclip, parachute and sv_airaccelerate 100 I don't want to make this so long, but if you put this it'll be better, for new maps like vip_truck and more. I'll suggest more maps with parachute or something if this suggestion is accepted :^]
  5. @n00b Complete the corresponding format, in this link if you want to be unbanned. Link: http://gamerclub.net/forum/application/form/5-unban-request/ Closed/Trashed
  6. Idk why i'm not veteran but i'll vouch for this gay, he was one of us best admin and ofc he know the rules, no need to doubt. Welcome back ma blackberry man.
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