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  1. AHeaD

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    Nah, nobody would ever say "piratas informáticos" xD next time just say "hackers", it's better and ofc they can understand you better, but hey! the google translate did a good job there are almost no errors, and it is readable. Nice @Hemo for taking care of people who can't speak english! keep it up buddy it's really appreciate.
  2. Forum Name: AHeaD In Game Name: gc`ahead Admin?: Demo Reviewer 4ever!. Your Absence's Date 7/18/2020 Your Return's Date Idk Reason of your Absence Alright, firts of all I came here because i really wanted to help this clan/comu/family.... there was a fact that only Me and Danger was reviewing stuff.. Now we have new drs and I'm sure that these new drs will do a great job :). The other reason was the fact that i'm getting a little bit boring of CS and i'm really busy with my work and i'm still studying. Thanks to oldgamer to let me be a part of this again, he knows what happened to me in the past, i keep thanking you for that. Ofc i'm letting my spot to a new dr, go and check it out my bois, you'll get my big vouch!. Thanks GC/LgK.
  3. I talked to him in spanish, the best way lol
  4. Y'all made a great job, congratz.
  5. Happy birthday! Who's Robin btw
  6. You're the nemesis of Jerry rofl Welcome & Enjoy!
  7. There's no one banned with that name, show us a screenshot with what it says in console while you're trying to get in to the server. I'm gonna wait your reply @williamrezendex, you have 24 hours to post the screenshot.
  8. Actually you likes k-pop so #no vouch Congratulations man welcome to the yellow team And welcome back @RedBuLL helping as always
  9. AHeaD


    Lmao, they don't even understand your joke
  10. @n00b Complete the corresponding format, in this link if you want to be unbanned. Link: http://gamerclub.net/forum/application/form/5-unban-request/ Closed/Trashed
  11. Welcome to GamerClub m8.
  12. Chiki didn't send you his password so rekt. My suggestion could be for the future not necessarily now, but think about it, isnt it more productive? You won't add that password like 20 times anymore lol
  13. Hey it's been a while i'm just suggesting this because i saw a lot of problems with "My steam id got stolen" or 'My admin got lose" somethin' like that so i wanna suggest to put pw to the nickname. (It's only for no steamers) maybe sounds stupid and you guys already suggest that. It's like: You'll send your nick and a password with a format (obviously in a private message). Nickname: gc`AHeaD Password: gamerclub123 Server that you are admin: ZP Then the staff or higher will add the access to the nick and NOT to the steam id, a random person can't get your admin powers with only your steam id, he needs to put your nickname and your password first. If your steam id get stoled not necessary you'll lose your admin and you can get you access again in a easy way. U got it? well i'm so dumb to explain tbh, i think that's all. Bye for another month i guess
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