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  1. i only need some 


  2. can u give me some commends


  3. if i donate 7$ can u tell them its for admin


  4. if i donate 7$ can u tell them its for admin


  5. what do  u mean when i refund the 5$ then later bought admin


    1. GoOoD


      Send me a private message please.

    2. Moonlight
  6. sup remember me

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    2. Moonlight
    3. Moonlight


      dont i get prem vip tho i dont have vip in server


    4. GoOoD


      Send me private conversation with another account.

  7. Alright this is trashed then.
  8. Where is unban request made by him?
  9. @Deducs your txt file is empty. @JackFrost post your evidence please.
  10. Do not make more than one admin application at the same time. Trashed.
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