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New Servers IP's

GamerClub.NeT | Dust2 24/7 [1000FPS/NA]
GamerClub.NeT | Classic [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | GunGame TeamPlay [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | Zombie Plague [1000FPS/NYC]



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  1. ferr


    Make sure you are using the correct IP for the Dust2 server. It was just updated:
  2. Congrats @ BloodyPro !
  3. gc ` ferr killed gc ` shado with knife
  4. ferr


    @Smot Poker Please make a formal unban request so we can determine what happened. On a side note, please be respectful when making posts. Ranting and being rude won't get you anywhere. Closed.
  5. We won't be limiting awps on D2 as we have discussed that before. @oldgamerOG has added the other suggestions. Closed
  6. Thanks @shado @Daniel @oldgamerOG for keeping this all together. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else Also, thanks everyone who donates and keeps the servers alive. It's a great community with all of you here! Except you, @Soviet
  8. This is @GizMoe final warning regarding abuse/conduct. If this type of occurrence happens again then he will be demoted. Sorry @oXide - thank you for reporting and keeping the community in check. Hope to see you in Dust2 soon! Closed.
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