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  1. shado

    Classic Server

    Hi All, Since I resigned my access is limited now, so I have to post this here. I'll be around to make @Daniel and @oldgamerOG do my biddings. Anyways, even though I resigned I will still support the community with boosts. All decisions will be left to the 2 above owners. D2 / ZP monthly boosted by me as always. I wanted to let everyone know that from 9-20-2020 Classic will be on monthly boost, thanks to @xAXOTO. He will be handling classic boosts. Please continue with your donations to help our community. Thank you! @Lexa your SM is doing good work.
  2. shado

    Dedication Award

    Hello All, We need loyal and dedicated Admins here in GC. I want to showcase one of the most dedicated admins here. I been asking our newer admins to assist players on how to take the steps to become admin. I want to give the Most Dedicated Admin or MDA to @Hemo. Hemo is from the middle east yet, in order to help a spanish speaking player, he went beyond his duty and google translate his essay into spanish. Keep on doing the hard work @Hemo, proud of you. rd
  3. do i  need  to buy admin and vip again bro i dont get prem admin

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    2. Moonlight
    3. Moonlight


      send me link to ur steam and then delete it


    4. Shark


      Contact me on whatsapp: +201225270394

      Or instgram: egyptian_cop

  4. Please follow the rules. First introduction yourself then apply for admin. Trashed.
  5. We are keeping Fun Server, not removing it. However, we do have an extra server slot. We can remove CSO server and put this instead. @DefinitelyNotJah PS: Pugb server is @Daniel baby, talk to him about removing it. PPS: Fun server has been boosted weekly 6 weeks in a row and always have at least 16 players.
  6. shado

    New Server

    stop killing spies
  7. I haven't read this much since college. I'm fucking dizzy.
  8. trashed and banned. BTW why didn't you do it @oldgamerOG and just said "ban".
  9. shado


    This is something I want you to realize. You guys are admins for a reason and approved to help us. I have seen admins, after they've become admins slack off. Either they go disappear, or become complacent because they've became admin. They dont try or work hard anymore. Prior to becoming admin they will work hard and do w/e to get the position, once they get it, they slack off. Nope, from now on, if you don't put in the effort anymore I will remove your admin. Admin is a privilege in this community, not given lightly. Step it up or I'm gonna start regulating on you.
  10. added @Juggernaught d2 admin who is back
  11. i just want to sing with @RobinHood
  12. I didn't even know LGK had a fun server. I just made that name up and added maps I enjoy back in the day.
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