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New Servers IP's

GamerClub.NeT | Dust2 24/7 [1000FPS/NA]
GamerClub.NeT | Classic [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | GunGame TeamPlay [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | Zombie Plague [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | JailBreak [1000FPS/EU]



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  1. @ Tutti Frutti you still alive habibi?
  2. You gonna give free blowjob
  3. Banned permanently Blacklisted.
  4. RedBuLL


    @calamity , @José , @Pwnography , @Tryoesk' , @Jamz~ your opinions please.
  5. Updated 31/07/2020 @Albertototo is back as an permanent admin.
  6. Players will start abusing this and will start rebeling even more just to ruin other players day, and get last request for themself. And this will lead to players leaving the server. its -1 from me , the server will become a real CHAOS.
  7. Maps added. @Kay- helped me finding them.
  8. Maps will be added once I come back from holidays
  9. @Danger , @TheNoob , @Hemo , @BloodyPro , @Power , @RobinHood , @Shooter make sure that this contest run smooth.