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New Servers IP's

GamerClub.NeT | Dust2 24/7 [1000FPS/NA]
GamerClub.NeT | Classic [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | GunGame TeamPlay [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | Zombie Plague [1000FPS/NYC]
GamerClub.NeT | JailBreak [1000FPS/EU]




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  1. That ip is from Venezuela. Definitely not him. It's most likely a conflict.
  2. I love you, @RobinHood So much that sometimes I wanna spank you.
  3. Very honest, fella. Helped LgK a lot back in the days. Good to know you still around, Timon!
  4. Not necessary. You just need to edit your post. It's important you get used to forums and its tools. Also, I removed your IP from your application, it's good that you dont share your ip with everyone like that.
  5. Hi, provide your steamid/valveid so we can give your ammo packs. Go to the server, open your console and type status after that you copy and paste your steamid/valveid in your format. It should look something like this: VALVE_5:0:999999999
  6. Des

    Unban all

    @jOe21 Is the pw working? Cuz this dude keep stealing non steam admins id.
  7. ROFL Alright bro. Goodluck with the laptop.
  8. @pKK I appreciate you for primarily handle the case, I just ask you please to leave any type of report on Server Managers for the Staff in charge, which in this particular case would be Eggy and Shado. It's just for the purpose of maintain responsibilities and Staff respectability on oversee Server Managers. You might directly decide for reports on donors, admins and demo reviewers. About the case, I wouldn't but Im already taking care of this as I spoke to Heyzus. He is already warned about the swearing and his post-reaction to this matter. The swearing for me wouldn't be a big deal if QQ was confirmed as a cheater, thats probably why Heyzus got stressed, hackers are intolerable. I apologize QQ for the pre-judgement made, Heyzus was (or is) convinced that you were hacking and I assume that's what made him impatient and eventually swearing. I just hope I dont see any type of harassment from any of both sides. Topic Closed.
  9. Im actually tired on keep coming back to this matter, but here I go once again. 5 persons asking to remove/limit awp when they play only with ak47 and m4a1 doesn't feel like the majority. Anyways, we cant see the arguments to limit a weapon that has been 1.6 core for more than a decade because "Ts camp and dont do the objective", if that's the reason there are other methods to fix that. While you have the frustration of rushing T side and getting killed by an awp, there will be also the frustration of those players that have trained during years with awp (which was always a globally accepted weapon in 1.6 scenario) and not be able to buy it. When I look at server's weapon stats Im pretty sure there is no unbalance going on when the three major weapons (AWP, AK and M4) have almost exactly the same number of kills: http://dd2.hlstatsx.nfoservers.com/hlstats.php?mode=weapons&game=cstrike Meaning ak and m4 riflers are not having difficult to kill in the game, those are numbers and there is nothing that can prove something as numbers. If you use the XP rank as a parameter a lot of high rank players use ak/m4. And I like to use @BOOBs argument he offered once, are we limiting all weapons in order to make it really fair or just those weapons that ak and m4a1 riflers dislike? And while you people make this thread during a time where awp is not restricted, people made a thread just like this in old LgK to argue the opposite of it when awps were restricted. Personally? I could just limit awp and make it available for admins, or not even care about it at all since Im an AK47 and M4a1 player. Here is my profile stats with weapons, you can see I do not use AWP: http://dd2.hlstatsx.nfoservers.com/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=71 Question is, would be fair with all I've said? Because it doesnt look like.
  10. de_tuscan, de_chateau, cs_estate Sounds good?
  11. How a topic discussing maths became a retarded conversation where no one understand each other? Im impressed. lol
  12. I just decide for maps here and there. It's actually up to @shado @RedBuLL and @HeyZus I agree we should remove Militia, it takes 2 hours to get from CT spawn to T spawn. The rounds are endless on that map. Assault Shado wants in the map pool and for some weird reason it gets players to the server. I personally dislike that map as well.
  13. Des

    Server Clan

    Hm, I understand now what he is trying to say, he is trying to say he can send files to fix them, I thought he was saying he could edit our files without ftp access, this was driving me crazy. Still Im locking this thread for now, prefixes just need the right source replaced just like I did in Dust2 yesterday. Thing is, I give enough of my time already, so you people will have to wait, deal with it. Also, not sure what he is trying to say with "configs", configs there is nothing to do with this. Also, @Galaxy, no offense, but anyone can find ZP sources within 30 seconds, so I dont get why you making like fixing this is worthy an adminship. Because it is not. Thanks for trying to help anyways. Locked.
  14. Des

    Fake Players Bans

    Update: I think I figured out the problem. Give me feedbacks later.
  15. Hello, Im still trying to figure out why players are getting banned by server module as fake players when I disabled the option for that, especially because I know how buggy and ineffective this ban system is (also notice this ban system is something apart from amxbans, which is why you wont see your name in the banlist). Pretty sure its a server module, not binds or client side. However, until I figure out what is going, I changed the ban time from 120 minutes to 1 minute. So, if you get banned, tell me if the ban time is at least working.