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  1. Server Zombie Plague In game name KING ARABE Age 16 SteamID 0 01:01 135 1 Country ALGERIA Have you been Server manager before ? No How many hours do you play every day ? 4 Are you willing to boost the server ? YES What are your intentions? Provide assistance and server development
  2. Sorry, I did not know, but please accept me
  3. I only created an account for me but the links are taken from Yair
  4. I'm sorry, but where did he get the links?
  5. Server Fun Server In game name king arabe Country algeria Age 16 SteamID 0 01:01 135 1 How well can you speak english Good How many hours can you play every day 4*5 Have you been admin before ? No Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin? Because I have confidence in my ability to be a supervisor, of course I prevent cheaters and help beginners Link all the player reports you’ve made on the forum: https://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2709-king arabe-s-cheater-report/ https://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2635-king arabe-s-cheater-report / https://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2634-king arabe-s-cheater-report/ https://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2600-yair-s-cheater-report / https://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2597-yair-s-cheater-report/ https://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2595-king arabe-s-cheater-report/ https: // gamerclub .net / forum / topic / 2571-king arabe-s-cheater-report / https://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2594-king arabe-s-cheater-report/
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