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  1. this literally happened like 2 months ago, wake up
  2. Soviet

    Dedication Award

    he would be going beyond his duty if he learned spanish. @Hemo go language check yourself
  3. Am I the only one that sees admin requirements pop up in front of my face when making a new app? About the admin commands, we don't restrict people who dont know amx to apply, we just suggest that it would be welcome. About the un-seriousness, its not on every app, just let it slide man. Hope i answered your questions. Trashed as per the request of OP.
  4. no. Multiple modes in one server. Players can vote between paintball mode, superhero mode etc. and then play them in the same server.
  5. Roster updated. ( @calamity and @Red_DragoN i added you both since you have access on the server idk let me know if you don't play there., you too @OTTO)
  6. the only guy who can do it is @Fury and he ded so... you see whats gonna happen right? This won't happen until he gets time to work on this lmao
  7. I don't think this will help, the resolution is still the same as he had before, but his game screen is zoomed out. @NeeThR|F could you open up CS, then the console and write in "bind -", i want to see what the hell is bound to that key. E: So I checked myself, - is bound to "sizedown", so you should be able to fix the problem if you open up the console and write in "sizeup", without the quotation marks.
  8. I cant do shit i dont have access to ftp ask this guy @Fury
  9. Soviet

    New Server

    we already have a lot of servers for the amount of players we have, once these servers we have now start getting filled up, then we may start thinking about opening up more servers, until then, we ain't doing that. If we have too much servers at once, means not every server can get filled and it will fuck us even more than if we had like 4 servers only.
  10. thank god at least this server has one admin. well, if no one else bothers to check forum, i will just remove their access and if they see that it is missing, they will probably ask for it back. cool!
  11. @OTTO @flash @Nines @Juggernaught Hope you all are active in fun server, thanks!
  12. Removed Kaptin, Sharp from roster.
  13. Closed, make an unban request, not an admin abuse report.
  14. stop making bs threads thanks.
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