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  1. lmao nobody has any points yet @ Hemo
  2. In game name D-TOXXXXXXXX Server Dust 2 STEAMID STEAM_0:0:18429538 Admin that banned you: GC |Anonymous Proof of your innocence
  3. I am giving away 50 US dollars to the person that has played the most maps in rotation, to qualify you have to have played every single map in pug, although d2 nuke inferno train and tuscan does not give you any points. whoever has the most points by the end of the leaderboard will win.
  4. thank you for all your support, with the addition of the GamerClub Euro Pug Server 2, we are phasing out the leaderboards to financially support the new server.
  5. i like genres like your name steins gate full metal, something with a good story and plot development
  6. yukihiras the name of the guy in shokugeki no soma/food wars. banana fish is gay, and im not gay. ill check otu bungou stray dogs. ive seen kakegurui and the main girls a crazy degenerate
  7. full metal alchemist is my favorite anime. ive seen all the ones you've mentioned. thanks!
  8. i like plot and story and character development. i dont like naruto or one piece
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