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  1. Inuyashiki! thats the anime
  2. i forgor the name of the anime that was supposed to be yukihira, kakegurui is hot. banana fish is not gay :(. I also recommend Blood-C and Another
  3. bungou stray dogs, kakegurui, yukihira, Food Wars, banana fish
  4. I'm not sure if you guys have made a post regarding this issue, but it's unfair when VIPs use their free sbs during modes. Earlier, when I was playing, this VIP dude was knifer and he used his sbs, so every time he got hit, he would hide behind the sbs. Again, I'm not sure if this an issue if you guys can fix, or if you've made a post about it. If you have, then oh well
  5. Name: fez/pookie Age 15 Country: america What are your hobbies ? video games yes How did you find us ? i played LgK after i was false banned in DsK :) Favorite game : minecraft or valorant
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