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  1. Updated. @BloodyPro will be managing this server from now on so whoever has questions regarding to this server you’ll know who to ask.
  2. This is call of duty server right? With lots of different classes? If your talking about this then we could talk about it @BloodyPro
  3. @Dantes this looks like an old ban
  4. Your 2 week trial admin didn't end yet. Dont apply until your 2 week trial admin ends. Trashed.
  5. Trashed. There is already an application you've submitted.
  6. Daniel

    Ranks and Roles

    @usurpeR @BOOBs @flash @Foreal_Bruh @Grizzly_Noize @Red_DragoN @RENCH @risker @The Girl @UNPeaceKeeper @Tr!p @Yoyo @vsx @m1kke @Dantes @Soviet @GoOoD @hEaD @Kryptex @Marco Antônio @KapTin @ferr @Eggy @Vox @SpooKy @nacho @shArp This is just a reminder for everyone, incase y'all didn't see it. Please check your main priorities for your rank.
  7. I love asian people, no homo tho
  8. Greetings everyone. Theres a issue going on with the servers and the servers are down atm. Sadly this fix will take like 2 days since everything got deleted anonymously which were trying to find out what the issue is, and the cause is. Sorry for any inconvenience and if there’s any question, feel free to ask. Best regards, The Management.
  9. Daniel

    The Saddest 5v5 EVER! - CS 1.6 Automix

    The part when thenoob said “abartnarrz” lmao
  10. I already told you that you received the ammo packs before. Stop creating useless accounts, you might get banned in the future. Trashed/Closed.
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