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  1. Updated 26/09/2020 @ MaffyOZ'z moved to veteran rank for being inactive, thanks for you work and if you're active again let me know.
  2. I checked the ban list and the logs and they clearly say that xixor got banned first for not trying then he came back after 5 mins to ban pepsikitty. First of all the one to first blame are staffs in charge of ZP for not removing his admin while xixor clearly is not an admin, on the other hand xixor shouldn’t have used admin powers on a current ZP admin, instead he should’ve went to an staff+ to tell them that someone forgot to remove his admin access. That would’ve been a smarter choice, banning as an revenge is not the way which means it won’t you get anywhere just trouble in the future when you’re applying for admin. @Dantes @GoOoD I don’t know which one of you forgot to remove his access but be careful next time. On the other hand I can’t warn xixor since he’s not a admin. Archived. Closed/Moved.
  3. You’re not taking part in this report, please do not reply
  4. So here’s the thing. In these screenshots everyone has posted in here I didnt see any type of racism in here so please gizmoe stop overreacting & behave, this is not your first report your taking part with its the 3rd time. Now about the “nade rebuy issue” yes this is a rule which means you can’t rebuy nades and spam them so mircea did the right thing mentioning this to gizmoe, but at the same time this rule is not written which is a issue, but I’m gonna write this rule today so in the future none has issues with this again. Now about defofchaos, in my opinion that ban was needed because if it wasn’t for that ban it would’ve escalated worse. However banning admins with admin power is not allowed but I understand this situation so it’s not a issue for this time. @GizMoe I don’t want to see any more reports where you take part in. Archived. Closed/Moved.
  5. Welcome to GamerClub, have fun in our community!
  6. EU people playing on US server never complain, on the other hand if someone from US plays on a EU pinged server, they gonna complain in a matter of seconds. On the other hand I agree with what shado said, what I said above was a bonus sentence.
  7. Literally not long ago people have been complaining about teamkillings, and now y’all want teamkillings back? Make your minds up. I’m not gonna keep changing rules over and over again. If the rule is going to be changed again, I promise the rule won’t be changed again afterwards, so kindly talk to each other about the teamkillings, because i’m pretty we have people that disagree. http://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2138-jb-people-sugguestions-can-be-added-here-starting-from-mine/?tab=comments#comment-13451 This link shows that we had complains about having teamkilling in JB, afterwards I removed the teamkilling rule.
  8. I don’t know why that thread was made, I don’t see the problem but I know what you mean. That thread might get removed soon. Depending on the discussions.
  9. Thank you for the service here! Doors are open whenever you feel like coming back.
  10. JB rules updated. (Main JB Rules) Update: 11. The last prisoner alive may not ask for a revive or reviving himself to complete the LR, you have to complete the LR from the place your currently in. You may get revived only when your glitched/bugged in the map. Update: 12. The last prisoner completing the LR without cheating may get a FD next round as an reward. (This rule was getting used but it wasn’t here at the rules list so I added it here). JB rules updated. (CT Rules) Update: 24. You can’t call cell days unless the map obliges you to do so. We already have a strict day applied.
  11. Robin this is the LgK JB, you played here before and I’ve never seen you complaining about it, where is the problem in the server please explain, it would help us make JB a better place. I’ll be checking the JB server today, my computer is basically slow as hell but I’ll manage. I will also take a look in the maps before changing anything, but it would’ve been better if you’d mention the maps here. I will also take a look in the shop and stuff like that. But is that bad to actually complain about it? If you have suggestions go ahead and let us know here in this thread or make a new thread on the suggestion section.
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