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  1. yeah thats nice but you want 300 points ?
  2. thanks @ BloodyPro hehe i changed my nick @ shado :D
  3. plz @ Soviet and the other staff discord server link not working. fix it plz. Gamer Club is the best community ?
  4. euuuh crossfire its a good map i think in CS or idk I think its a half life map ?
  5. how to change my name ? i forgoted @ shado sorry
  6. yeah lets make JB great again . i missed JB too
  7. after this very long time i am back . i was having some prblms with my rent but now all is good . so about my admin app i was having a prblm with my CS i lost all the demos i saved just Gear King demo in one of my folders , sorry :( GamerClub.net is the best community :)
  8. ok i am gonna ask some one experiente ty ?
  9. i don t know . some one changed my name i think @shado i am gonna change it .
  10. ah steins gate . the anime cool
  11. u are here fine ? welcome back