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  1. Lmao I learned about this shit when I was like 11
  2. Second, certain people (i'm not calling out anybody) but when responding to admin apps, I don't know why you have to shitpost on admin apps, you either Vouch or NoVouch on admin apps, if you're just gonna quote something and say: "bruh moment" If this isn't directed at me you're gonna make me laugh.
  3. Admin applications are open for everyone to see. You'd know if you actually saw it yourself.
  4. Ok let's see here since a certain sentence is about me. On that 1 admin application I simply did that as a PSA to everyone and not an actual vote/vouch. I have no connection whatsoever to the thread and server it was being made on (dust2). I simply didn't like the manner that SOMEONE will be jealous that they didn't get accepted fully knowing they can't reply to those kinds of posts would then reply to said posts. I can be as serious as I'm needed but where's the fun in that? if all the replies you get are the same bland generic shit every time. PS: Oh and btw that wasn't even near shitposting level.
  5. Just confirmed this is the real Kayney and he meant to apply for ZP aswell
  6. Is this the Kayney I know from ZP or are you another guy??
  7. PepsiKitty

    Crouch running

    Or this but faster
  8. Literally what we do at zp but not for walls xD
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