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  1. Forum Name: Mero In Game Name: GC | Mero Admin?: dust2 Your Absence's Date 26/10/2020 Your Return's Date not sure, ill be here every now and then tho Reason of your Absence i started college and ive been very busy, i barely even find time to sleep so it's kinda difficult to find time to get on cs. ill probably still come every now and then tho
  2. lets bring back jailbreak
  3. That's great, thank you!
  4. Gone but never forgotten.
  5. Mero

    Dedication Award

    Shouldn't i get an appreciation post since im the older brother?? Nah nah jk good job hemo!! I just hope you put this much work when it comes to school
  6. i think im gonna start playing zombie again because of this
  7. he wasnt joking around Yes i speak about myself in 3rd person cause im a legend
  8. Welcome to gamerclub By the way, ac milan > inter milan
  9. welcome to gamerclub Its ya boi mero
  10. welcome to GC Hope you enjoy it here
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