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  1. http://gamerclub.net/forum/topic/2798-deducs-s-unban-request/
  2. I like his suggestions its so nice and creative +1 from me.
  3. Good play link of bhop?
  4. @oldgamerOG when you add it tell me and thanks
  5. Hemo


    I'll do my best with more activity and more mature habibi
  6. Name: Hemito Prefix: {Monster} Guys how you color the text idk how
  7. And you are easy to nade
  8. I see that he is correct bcz the guards should be paying attention not playing but It can cause some problems this team killing k in LGK it was put that team killing will get a ban for you one time i killed all in cage in LGK and i got banned for a week when i came back i got another week bcz he thought I didnt get a ban told everyone no one was answering then i left lgk so it may cause some problems I think it should be like 6 hours ban or as u guys see should it stay like this in rules or it should result in a ban
  9. I loved shado sound today he was singing arabic with robinito
  10. Hahaha @shado you always make me laugh
  11. Accept this it would be the best
  12. I will say that it should be unallowed because maybe a new guy see this happen to him while he was being good the he gets team kill he says ban him we tell him we cant so maybe he won't play this server again and if someone of his friends will play he tells him no they are bad so I am with you
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