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  1. IPS is updated to 4.4 Music box is enabled Template is upgraded Member shop is added (everyone's points has been reset) videos are enabled blackjack (uses your forum points) /giphy has been added on chatbox Group mention
  2. Nima

    Gaming Rig?

    You can get a GTX 1060 ti or just 1060 you'll run csgo at 300 fps no problem. And yeah build it yourself
  3. I have a maxed level character I love the storyline man. me and @TheLadyVenom
  4. Nima

    gamerclub -

    Verse 1 We just get it in we don’t waste time. Hit up my team coz I’m online LadyVenom with a scout rifle Nima going ham with the desert eagle. No they can not do it better I can do it on my own but I’m stronger When I’m fighting with my team. Yeah we keep it so mean And we do it so clean Until the missions complete I’m a solider a mission Heading to goal, and the key is persistence Go go keep on running But I won’t stop the fire when you that I’m coming Heading for my My enemies I got the juice My weapon on me (You) know I reload (I) Got my ammo (If) you didn’t know (Well) now you know Pre Chorus Gamer club we counter strike CS1.6 Is the best way to counter strike Gamer club we getting lit and Drop Verse 2 Heading for the top I don’t waste time Show no fear on the front line Better get in line get your stealth right Or you might just get left behind Daniel hit you with the one tap When he hits you up there’s no going back Joe you know he’s on a rampage On a real kill streak like a gun range Gamer club we give you more With us never getting bored Shooting for the leaderboard Get your points up, get your score Sniper scope vision It don’t matter if your near or long distance Ima get it consistently Ima get it ima get it Consistently Gamer club we counter strike CS1.6 Is the best way to counter strike Gamer club we getting lit and
  5. Greetings @RazZz3R, I am thankful for your application to assist us with managing the servers by preventing people from breaking the rules. However, could you please translate what you have wrote on the last paragraph since we are English and we do not understand Albanian. Thanks again for your application. I'll wait for your updates. -Nima
  6. Nima

    P90 Squad- Eps V - Reuploaded

    ? shado back at it again
  7. Okay there are few tricks that you didn't realized we have on our forum such as link preview. If you paste a link here it will show the preview for instance a club. simply paste the URL link here and it will automatically turn into preview. REPLY TO THIS THREAD AND TRY IT YOURSELF Video preview Raffle Posts
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Download free counter strike 1.6 / cs 1.6 Download counter strike 1.6 free and 100% working without any issue. If you had any problems feel free to leave it in the comment section and I'll take a look. In addition, this launcher is from cswarzone but made it easier for you people.
  9. From now on if you had any issues or questions please use the ticket / support section. Feel free to create your ticket and the staff will respond to it. Use the navbar "Support" or click click here https://gamerclub.net/support/. For guidance use the screen shots below. Do not spam me in private messages from now on use this system if it's related to VIP, giveaways, raffles and forums. Thank you for choosing us.
  10. Giveaway Winners @skrt pakekk Super Admin @Dracola 404 Full admin @GoOoD Basic admin you can choose your server and if you guys want to gifted to another person you're allowed. Make sure to send me the details in private message. Congrats skrt pakekk Trial Admin 7 Joined in Giveaway Wednesday at 06:09 PM Joined April 19 Content Count 17 Details from Prize 1 Find Content Dracola 404 Designer 17 Joined in Giveaway Wednesday at 05:47 PM Joined April 7 Content Count 30 Details from Prize 2 Find Content GoOoD Admin 29 Joined in Giveaway Yesterday at 01:48 AM Joined April 6 Content Count 47 Details from Prize 3 Find Content
  11. I hope you guys enjoy the new update
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