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    Hell nah , there are a lot of better maps than those. fox is decent I've been thinking of remaking it , but the original is very outdated and modes like neme , arma , nc aren't playable . lgk_zm_temple2 could work , I like it way more than lgk_zm_tomb . the modes are much more playable on temple2. I highly recommend removing maps like zm_dust_winter (trash , edit: in a bunker you can get killed through wall) , zm_lgk_juggernaut (bunkers are easily exploitable by zm's so humans have no chance, also modes are unplayable) , zm_cubeworld_mini (bunkers can be bugged by humans with lasermines) , zm_lgk_octagon (no words for this one ,,, its bad)
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    Good morning / Afternoon / Night The main reason for this publication is that we have empty hours in server activity. For that reason I had to look for a link from 1 year ago where I had saved maps and propose it so that they can make additions to the server 5 of the 6 maps can be considered small but very entertaining maps and that is the reason why I think they should be included, they are small and entertaining that can be played with 32 players as well as 6 or 7 players I think map 6 is already included in the server maps but it is out of the voting list, it is a very good map (lgk_zm_temple2) Another reason why I have made this publication is to request that maps with a very bad server activity be removed from the voting list, so we can have more active people who can vote for the most used maps and at low time they can choose small maps List of maps: 1.- zm_attack_bros 2.- zm_aztec_defense 3.- zm_defense_infection 4.- zm_fox 5.- zm_fox_night_beta 6.- lgk_zm_temple2 Could you give me a comment? @oldgamerOG @GoOoD @Dantes @Kurre @Legendito @José @Yair @JackFrost @EnIgm4 @idan2133 @George @david39 @[email protected] @DIHKUN @debarshab Download file: mapas zm.rar
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    greetings veteran, Frist of all i like to thank you for drawing attention on the maps issue .Most of the time people choose regular maps like 2017final, clusterfuk-2 , tomb , downtown . I saw many people leave particularly in these 4 maps cause it almost hard for zms to breach through defenses .The biohazard lgk maps was so hard for zms that many rounds humans wins without firing single bullet but thanks to @ rabbit we have gc_bio_hazard map which is playable for both zombies and humans . about lgk temple 2 ! i ddin't play that map like 1 month , if i am not wrong @ oldgamerOG remove it from zp map list . As for cube world map mini , yes ! it has 2 x glitch points . 1 on pool and other on glass bunker but if someone can fix those glitch points like remake cube world mini will be great idea . About removing maps form zm map list , yes there is plenty of useless maps like octagon , dust winter etc. I also want to suggest that check logs about which maps ppl play most , i am sure there is hardly 10 maps on zm that most of people like .